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I can’t wait for my 50th!

For my 49th birthday week I took the day off, and the rest of the week - went for a surf with mates, the local water slides with the kids, met up with other friends for sundowners, went away for a weekend, meeting up with more friends, surfing with the kids and watching a surf comp. Life is great!

I only have 30 or so birthdays left if I am lucky, and I want to make the most of them and the years in between, not ignore them or hide from them. Life tends to pass us by, too often we drift through life, not knowing what we want from it, not pursuing it, too busy to notice the passing days, weeks and years. We miss out on time with my family and friends, on waves, and swell, and surf trips, on celebrations and fun times and wonder where they all were, where they went.

If we know what we want from our lives, know what will allow us to think to ourselves “welI, I made the most of that,” then we can choose to pursue it.

For me, I don’t want to work all the time. I do not want to spend my time working hard now whilst the kids are young in the hope that when I finally have “enough” funds I’ll be able to retire and do it all, with them, then!

I want my time now - playing, surfing and laughing with my family and friends, outside, in nature, whilst I am still fit and healthy enough to paddle out, paddle into waves, go to the water slides, camp, and my family and friends still want to do it with me!

If you know what you want from life, you can shape your life to spend your time doing it and then celebrate the passing years, not hide from them.

After last week, and last year, me, I can’t wait for my 50th!

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