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Surf Strategy

Do you want to

Work Less, and Surf More?

Book a complimentary, commitment free, Surfing Strategy Session

with me now, valued at 200 GBP. 

The session is your opportunity to learn what you can do to change your life to start surfing more and living the life you want. During the session, we will explore your current situation, how often you surf and want to, what’s stopping you, how you can overcome those challenges, and create a strategy to help you achieve living the surfers dream!


Your problem

Are you a senior manager or executive who surfs, and:

  • wants to surf more? 

  • misses waves and trips because your work is too busy, with work commitments, hectic task lists and deadlines, last minute meetings?

  • has to cancel dawnies, because you discover someone needs your help urgently, and evening sessions because, despite going to work early, your are now have to help someone else, pick up the kids, go shopping, get something fixed, or attend some pointless meeting at the school?

  • find your lack of surf time is causing stress and negatively impacting on your work, those you love, your mental and physical health and your enjoyment of life? 

  • needs to change something to ensure you surf more and be the person your family wants you to be and the person you wanted to be when you were younger?

If your answers are yes,  I can help.

Why I can help

I can help you join the select few who work less and surf more, the lucky few who are living the dream and loving it!

I have over 20 years in senior management and am qualified and experienced Coaching Master, Mentor, Instructor and Train the Trainer.

Due to my own life experience and journey, I focus specifically upon senior managers and executives who surf, and want to work less and surf more. Through hundreds of conversations I have identified the key challenges that stop us surfing and how to overcome them. I have been there and done it myself and can help you achieve the dream too.

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What is

Surf Life Coaching?

Surf life coaching helps you change your surfing life from where you are now to the surf life you currently only dream of. It helps you get clarity on the surf life you want, develop techniques and the determination to get there, supports you through your journey and holds you accountable to achieving the surfers' dream, working less, surfing more and living the surf life you want!

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How does it work?

Exclusive, bespoke, high quality surf life coaching and mentoring from a qualified and experienced coach and mentor who surfs, has personally achieved the objective, and helped many others to achieve it too, working less and surfing more!

The starting place is a complimentary 1 hour Surf Strategy Session. We'll get specific about and gain clarity on how often you surf currently, want to surf, and what's stopping you and how determined you are to change that. Sessions are private and run online via zoom video calls.

If that is successful and we both feel its a fit, we will have a "Onshore Paddle Out Session, which lasts 1.5 hours and offers an opportunity for us to more deeply explore into your specific situation and the life that you want to achieve and the challenges you face to living the surf life you want.

Thereafter, we will have weekly 1 hour sessions, during which time we will check in on progress, discuss your current challenges, potential solutions and decide upon the action or actions you will take to achieve more surf time! During the week, we'll support you, and hold you accountable to completed the agreed steps.

Along with the bespoke, one to one coaching and mentoring, we include peer to peer support and advice via our surf community, and periodic workshops with guest speakers that tackle the most common challenges to getting in the water that people face. 

My approach

I combine my 20 plus years of experience and expertise from business leadership, organisational culture and change management, and my passion and experience as a surfer and father of 3, to take a fun, family centric, and strategic approach to my surf lifestyle coaching and mentoring. 

I draw upon my own experiences in life, as a CEO and leader, as a father and as a surfer, to help you define what you really want, why, and how you are going to get it, and ensure those factors and your actions align, thus hugely increasing our chances of achieving our end goal, to surf more, to whatever degree its desired!

We'll treat the exercise as a fun change management project, ensuring our goal aligns with who you are and your values, and that we are building grom stoke along the way. We apply business and coaching techniques, tools and processes, surf analogies, celebrate success and ensure we add surfing and surf related tasks onto the task list.

Above all else, I will demand that you do take action and will hold you accountable for getting your tasks done and hitting your deadlines, and ultimately re-shaping your life so that you can and do surf more.

Book your complimentary, commitment free, Surf Strategy Session now, valued at 200 GBP

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Our programs work. The results are proven. We are so confident, we guarantee the results. If its not working for you within the first 28 days, we will give you your money back. No small print. Just as simple as that.


Our community surfs. Everyone is a surfer. We are senior managers trying to achieve the same thing, to re-shape our lives so that we can surf more.  Once people join the community, they belong, and do not want to leave!


We all surf, all have a deep passion for surfing and are all are groms at heart. We do not all rip, but we all love it! We have deep personal experience and our own personal journeys which we are happy to share.


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Why me?

Passionate and Experience

My programs will get you surfing more, as often as you would like, if you follow them. I am very passionate about people living the lives they would like, and very proud of my success rate. I am the founder and CEO, and have 20 plus years experience running a multiple award winning personal development entity and projects. I rely upon social media and good word of month and are thus 100 % customer centric. See your testimonials from people that have benefited from working with my support to fulfil their surf dreams. 


I am a global expert in this field, am writing a book about how to work less and surf more, and have spoken internationally at several conferences, on various podcasts and been featured in international press. I have spoken to literally hundreds of other surfers about their challenges and how to overcome them, lived the journey myself, and used my passion, knowledge and experience to help many others to achieve the goal of surfing more. 

Money Back Guarantee

I have a success rate of 95.5 % and believe in the program so much I offer a fully refundable money back guarantee. If you feel you are not getting value from our sessions, within 30 days of your program starting, or feel we are not a good fit for each other, you get your money back. Simple as that.

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What results can you expect?

With my help, you will achieve long term, sustainable changes to your life and the surf lifestyle you are looking for. You will surf more, to whatever degree you truly desire. You will have developed clarity about what’s important to you, what you want from life, how you want to spend your time, and a mindset that requires you to achieve it, the tools and techniques to allow you to, and ultimately, you will start living the surfing life you dream of!

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Book your complimentary

Surf Strategy Session 

If you always wanted to live the surf dream, but got distracted by life book your 

complimentary, commitment free, Surfing Strategy Session,

with me, now!

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What's stopping you?

Is it value for money - How much will you spend this month, this year, before you die. How much would you spend to look back on your life and be able to de peacefully, thinking that you made the most of it?


Not enough money - what could you change, give us, compromise in your life, temporarily, say no to temporarily, to be able to say yes to leading the surf life you have always wanted? What could you sell? What else could you do?  If you loved one was going to die unhappy unless you found the money, could you it for them?? Would you they do it for you? Why not do it for yourself?  

Not enough time - if you are here, we know time is an issue for you. When will you have the time unless you take action to find it? When you are too old to surf, too unhealthy, or will you take an action now to start having the time you need. We run efficient programs, and offer flexible timings to make it as easy as possible. 

Not the right time - when will it be the right time? Next week, month, year? When you are too old, or too unhealthy, or worse? Are you prepared to miss all those waves and times with your kids and family? The right time to take action is now. 

I want to improve my surfing - to surf better, you need to practice. To practice, you need time. To get time, you need to change something. Our program is the compliments technical surf training, and our experts can help guide you there along the way. We also offer discounts to our members for surf coaching if thats the direction they want to go in. 

Need someone else's blessing - whilst we understand the wish to get someone else's blessing, your decision may effect them. However, remember its your life, and you only have one of them, and it's your decision. Work out what you want first, and then prepare what you will say, how, and when and where, and how you will answer their comments or questions. If you need our help, we will be there to support you. 

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Take action now!

As we get older, we see and feel how quickly the days and years are passing. We finally start to know our time is limited. If you always wanted to live the surf dream, but got distracted by life, take action now. It’s never too late to do what you want to do, and be who you want to be.

Book your complimentary, commitment free, Surfing Strategy Session with me now (valued at over 200 GBP) to start finally living the dream!

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