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See what our members have say about Surfers Life Club and our founder Steve Gwenin's impact on their surf life!

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I moved from London to Cape Town to chase the dream of the perfect surf / work lifestyle. Throw in 3 kids and a growing business and the balance went missing. Steve has helped me to tip the balance back to my number 1 passion, surfing, whilst still fully embracing my family and my business. I found the harmony I needed though Steve's coaching and ensuring my family and work also includes my passion for the surf!

Ingram Casey, Founder and MD, Escape and Explore

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Steve has profoundly affected my life. My life would not be the same had we not met. He has supported me when I needed help, challenged me when I needed it, and driven me to develop new passions and new ways of thinking. He is an outstanding leader, whose  style is built upon honesty, trust and support. He brings people with diverse outlooks and skills together to achieve a common goal and creates a really strong culture. He is great at challenging people to think in new ways and do new things they never thought possible, and love it along the way!

Richard Walton, Executive Producer, Let It Rain Films


Steve always went the extra mile by coaching and mentoring them both in the professional setting as well as helping them from a life skills point of view. The best part was his ability to balance ensuring we achieved our aim whilst enjoying life to the fullest and bringing a sense of fun and adventure to the process.

David Everett, Director of Operations, GVI

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Steve always encouraged me to find my own path & to enjoy what I what I do. Though he's vastly experienced and has a great deal of wisdom to share, he knows when and how to support which is critical in helping other people find their own unique path. He helped me understand how I wanted to lead teams whilst also making me a much better surfer!

Henry Walton, CEO, AVirtual

Find out how we helped Surfers Life Club Members, like Richard, Dave and Ingram, achieve the surf life they wanted and start living their surf dream!

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