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A Quick Guide to: Working Less and Surfing More

Helping senior managers and executives who surf, and want to
Work Less and Surf More

A quick guide to the key questions to answer and steps to take to re-shape your life and start living the surfers dream before its too late.

I wrote this short book as a quick, at a glance, resource to help people who surf and want to surf more start to discover how. The book describes:

  • The journey I took

  • The questions I asked myself and had to answer to get specific about what I really wanted

  • How to set a clear objective that aligns with who you are and what you value

  • How work out what needs to change, and how

  • What to consider and address when formulating your Surf Strategy Action Plan 

  • How to tracking your progress

  • Some of the tools, processes and strategies I used, and explains why they are both essential and effective. 

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A Quick Guide to Working Less and Surfing More

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Do you want to

Work Less and Surf More?

If you are an executive, or senior manager, who surfs, and knows the feeling of wanting to work less and surf more,  drop me a message to arrange a complementary Work Less and Surf More Strategy Session!

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